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Fake Silver and Gold Coins at Local Coin Shops? The Inside Scoop!

In today’s video we call a couple of Local Coin Shops and ask them how often they see Fake Silver and Gold Coins! What they had to say is eye opening to say the least!

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Fake Silver and Gold Coins at Local Coin Shops? The Inside Scoop!

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40 Bình luận

  1. anthony coppola

    Great guy I been purchasing from him for months 💯

  2. yyuguy


  3. Rhec Kek

    SD sells fakes?

  4. Ernest Edwards

    Thanks for the follow-up video

  5. Rod Woods

    I live in the west but I know Portsmouth, Ohio and will visit sooner or later.

  6. Rod Woods

    Mkes me think back over 20 years. I bought one or two that could have been taking a chance. Last few years though only top legit guys.

  7. Ron Schneider

    Great video! Everyone likes Daniel!

  8. Kenny Silver

    I really liked this video. I test my silver as I get it, but I buy from a trusted dealer.

  9. Eric Jorgensson

    Great video!! subbed!! I could have easily listened to you calling coin shops for hours. Very interesting info. Even before you brought on Daniel. That made it awesome. Thank you brother.

  10. J T

    Great interviews

  11. Marcia Bosteder

    Only buy from reputable shops. Because I noticed in wWa state alot of people
    From other country's are careful. silver on Craig's list and offer up.
    Be careful..

  12. Libsr Windowlickers

    Yah your gold bars are fake so go try to sell them to another coin store 😃👍

  13. Marcia Bosteder

    I love it when you call coin shops.

  14. Metaldragon Braveheart

    Reported 2 ads today on Facebook selling ASE for 4.98 lol.

  15. Joél Bernabel

    Can a Silver ealge have a magnetic charge if it has platinum and gold gilding plating on it? According to the coin shop it passed the sigma test. I didn't trust it, so I returned it. Silver Eagle BU w/24-Karat Gold Clad Liberty

  16. Paul Richards

    I just took some fake Libertad proof back… no problems… and good timing because he had some good stuff to exchange for.

  17. tapemaster

    Another superb educational video. Thanks for doing these.

  18. Don

    Very cool. Love the phone a coin store videos — whatever the topic. If you've been around awhile, you can always tell if a guy is BS'ing you or not. Both shops were straight up and helpful. Awesome stuff. Cheers!

  19. Names Tick

    these coins cost scammers $0.2 (perhaps even less) per coin (which are made by the Chinese) we have the same issue here in the UK namely with Australian 1oz coins, US liberty 1oz coins, Canadian eagles and Buffalo rounds.

    Scottsdale and Silvertowne are also heavily faked as are Sovereigns and Krugerrands.

  20. Paul Harris

    Excellent video. Buyer beware has never been more true.

  21. Eliza Williams

    I though you were gonna call some coins shops not fucking 2 what a fucking waste of time.

  22. mike D

    icant find bigfootMaples anywhere.. do they really exist?

  23. Michael Van humbeeck

    Stay away from "Houston coin buyer" they sold me FAKE gold

  24. jim c.


  25. Janie L

    Thank you for the info. Crazy that there are so many fakes!!!!

  26. What Ever

    If you’re buying from a private party like FB marketplace or OfferUp. Ask to meet at a local coin shop and have them tested

  27. BeijingOperaFan

    Selling gold on internet is also dangerous. What if buyer requests returning, instead of sending back the genuine gold that you sold, buyer returns back fake .. You might be able to find the returns being wrong, but buyer could claim that was not what he/she returned. You will have big headache. Average Jane and Joe should not buy nor sell gold on the internet flea market.

  28. Mike O'Brien

    Love the call videos !

  29. 4 Nine Fine

    The article gave no actual facts about the fake coins such as Where were the fake coins from? (CHINA is my guess) and was it real PMs made into fake collectables or diluted or simply plated ?

  30. Silvadel Shaladin

    Was so much nicer in the days when good counterfeits didn't exist. Of course that was also the days where most if not ALL (if you go back far enough) coins were raw. So much worse for the collectors today who have to be really really careful buying coins from garage sales and flea markets (or ANYTHING — if there is value in it, people are counterfeiting it — from lamps to video games).

  31. Nickel Nation Coins & More

    Algorithm helper 👍

  32. samifarr

    Great video! Thanks Seeker!

  33. NewWorldStacker

    Tustin, wow thats close to me, awesome video brother

  34. CoinHELPu

    Thanks for calling. Anytime my friend.

  35. Allan Colegrove

    Good, informative video. I didn't know they would use real gold to make fake gold coins! Buy from reliable sources!!!

  36. B² constitutional

    Nice! Been subbed to Daniel for a while now


    i always buy from a reputable shop or person and always test the silver or gold even the ones from you its not that i dont trust you i test everything lol and i get a lot from you cause your the best thank you for the video

  38. Chris Block

    Wow didn’t think it was that bad.

  39. Forever Gone

    Hey, I need some advice. Im 18, and just started stacking last November. Im currently at 37 ounces. How many ounces should I shoot for?

  40. Resellers Highway

    Your call videos are the best. The insight is amazing

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