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Easiest Coin To Mine on a Gaming Rig

Vertcoin Miner


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26 Bình luận

  1. D Summers

    Now is the time for me to rise to my feet!

  2. Joe Farrell

    What graphic card would be good for this? Only getting 385 kH/s

  3. Thomas Sævik

    anyone know how to increase hash rate. I'm using a 1070 and getting only 0.68

  4. Tech It Easy

    I know you're not a fan of nice hash, but in terms of profit, is it better or worse? 🤔 (I have a 3090 and 2070 super mining)

  5. Kale

    Does mining bog down your pc that you have noticed?

  6. tosvus

    Oh and with Claymore, I can mine ETH and play CyberPunk at the same time (albeit at a heavily reduced hash rate haha)

  7. tosvus

    Tax Evasion tip!??? I'd rather run it through my LLC and be on the up and up 😉

  8. Wayner !

    Been looking for a NiceHash alternative. I’m literally just starting out so I’m consuming TONS of info to make a solid decision and path forwards

  9. Blackeye1987

    well so i am running a vm and mine eth without any issues… O.o 60MH/s

  10. Nicholas Wright

    I thought he was about to start spitting bars at the beginning of the vid 😂

  11. Ned Smith

    Anyone noticed he looks like he off his head on crack cocaine. Jeez lay off the stuff and get some sleep

  12. TheCoolKid

    I have a single 1050ti, what level of disappointed should I be?

  13. DJheineken1

    1080 only mines 1.6 per 24 hour

  14. TheyLie

    With the high fees that ethereum has, isn't something else to mine a better choice?

  15. Ben Dover

    There's 2 minute videos explaining how to mine vert don't watch this clown

  16. Spencinator

    Yoooo Hatebreed! m/

  17. Drew's Clues

    is this really just a commercial for vertcoin?

  18. That One Guy

    Just how I imagined a miner looks like. Love your vids btw, stopped gaming and started mining with my rig

  19. Sid Duncan-Steele

    Bro, stop telling people to cancel there membership after joining. Your content is deffs worth 1.9 a month.

  20. Hyena Bros

    how do you have a 125 mh/s on eth on your gaming rig???

  21. magnus

    VTC to the moon!

  22. Bryan Rivas

    Anybody else looking at this guy thinking he looks like logan Paul on crack

  23. Claudiu Steflea

    Are nviadia quadro boards better than their counterparts nvidia GForce for mining ?

  24. TheOJDrinker

    lolMiner doesn't slow down my rig, even while gaming… it just slows the mining rate.

  25. Valentin Schmid

    Sometimes I wish he would just get to the point instead of rambling.

  26. Fort Fff

    Ok so if I build my own PC it includes Graphic Cards/Gpu, but also like all PC's it has a Proccecer/cpu. So when mining with that PC would it be mining with 2 different methods or will it only use one or another?

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